Gaynor Minden

Gaynor Minden - Pointe Pockets


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Feel the floor without the pain! Pointe Pockets are everything you didn’t know you needed. No bulk, no irritating seams, and fits perfectly like a good handshake. Topped off with a tiara = the royal treatment your feet deserve. ????

  • Available in two sizes – Small and Large
  • Flat seams positioned for maximum comfort
  • Made from medical grade hypo-allergenic gel, surrounded by ultra-soft four-way stretch polyester fabric
  • Cushioning covers toe and bunion areas
  • Includes handy draw ribbon organza bag to store them in

It’s the perfect toe pad.

Designed and shaped expressly for Gaynor Mindens, but works great in other pointe shoes, too! Slim and non-bulky, so you feel the floor and get a much better fit. Seams located away from toes for even more comfort.

Made in the U.S.A. with medical grade, hypo-allergenic TPE gel — feels fabulous and holds up better.

4-way (not 2-way) ultrasoft stretch polyester fabric in beautiful Ballet Pink with a subtle tiara design. 

Sizes: Small, Large
Material: Polyester, TPE Gel
Colors: Ballet Pink/Tiara