Harry Potter

Harry Potter Mystery Flying Snitch

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Harry Potter - Mystery Flying Snitch


It's the perfect season to get ready for Qudditch training, so why not pick up this Mystery Flying Snitch and start seeking! Brought to you by the crew at Wow! Stuff, and featuring the inconspicious fleck of gold that every seeker lusts after, this Snitch is sure to bring hours of fun to the lives of Potterheads everywhere!

The ideal way to mesmerise witches, wizards and muggles of all kinds, this Mystery Flyinf Snitch appears to fly magically around your body, avoiding capture. With the patented illusion of flight - made possible by a high-tensile Aramid fibre thread - this magically mystery is ideal for cosplay or display!

Display it on the bonus plinth and don't forget to hang up the Quidditch Poster to prove your love of the magical sport. 

Ages 8+


  • Suspended by a high-tensile Aramid fibre thread, approximately twice as strong as steel and invisible from 6 feet
  • Care and practice will be required to perfect your flight skills and avoid breakage. 


  • Mystery Flying Snitch
  • 8 Patented flying activators
  • Display plinth
  • Quidditch Poster
  • Full instructions for use

Requires: 2x 1.5V L1154F batteries (demo included)