Kysienn - Hair Screws


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Hair Screws (3 per pack)

For super hold with just two pins.  Just gather your hair, twirl it into a tight bun, tuck in the ends and swivel one Screw in from the top and the other from the bottom. Your chignon, topknot, low or high dance bun will stay firmly in place all day.

- Easy and quick to use
- Firm & secure hold metal pins
- Comfortable
- For all hair types

To use for wigs, pop wig on and if has string tighten, just secure your Wig in with 2 KySienn Hair Screws. Never loose a wig on stage again! These are a must have in every girls dance bag...

Kysienn Hair Screws - Dancers Hair Accessories Australia

How To use Hair Screws:



6 Steps to the Perfect Bun - By KySienn Dance Hair Accessories 

A classic ballet bun must be well-secured, smooth and neat. We don’t want loose hair interfering with a perfect performance!

  1. A secure bun starts with a secure ponytail. Grab your Kysienn Smoothing Brush and brush hair back into a tight ponytail. The KySienn Smoothing Brush captures all the wispy hair, and really brings out some shine. Position in the middle of the head and just above the ear line. Secure tightly with a KySienn Smooth Hair Tie for no snagging or damage to hair.
  1. If using the ponytail “twist” technique, continuously twist your ponytail tightly as you wrap it around your ponytail bun to keep stray ends from breaking free.