MDM Dance Shoes | Muse Dancewear

A shoe for every age at every stage. Supporting all Dancers!
an Australian owned and operated company established by former professional dancers, Timothy Heathcote (Sydney Dance Company) and Simone Goldsmith (Principal of The Australian Ballet). 
With a deep appreciation of how a dancer’s footwear can subtly yet profoundly effect technique and physiological development, they designed the world’s most advanced footwear for dance. Supremely beautiful and comfortable the unique innovations of the MDM range help to;
  • promote an improved culture and conversation about safe dance practice.
  • function as a training aid to assist in correcting pronation and alignment through proprioceptive feedback.
  • provide shock absorption.
  • reduce fatigue and improve recovery, with the arch support provided by the Dance Base Support.
  • assist the development of the intrinsic muscle activation in the feet
  • alleviate pressure on the back of the heel, which can lead to inflammation of the bursa and consequently the achilles tendon.
  • allow for a more functionally correct demi-pointe position.
For these important reasons, we believe every student will find value in wearing MDM.