Bun Nets 3pack (Kysienn)


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Ballet Bun Nets - KySienn

KySienn Bun Nets are a high quality 5mm nylon net with elastic edging for added strength and durability. A single hair net can be stretched to 13cm in diameter.
3  Bun nets per pack

Colours Available:
– Blonde ( suitable for “white” blonde hair only )
– Light Brown
– Medium Brown
– Dark Brown
– Black

Popular choice among Professional Dancers & Eisteddfod Competition Students. 

6 Steps to the Perfect Bun

A classic ballet bun must be well-secured, smooth and neat. We don’t want loose hair interfering with a perfect performance!

  1. A secure bun starts with a secure ponytail. Grab your KySienn Smoothing Brush and brush hair back into a tight ponytail. The KySienn Smoothing Brush captures all the wispy hair, and really brings out some shine. Position in the middle of the head and just above the ear line. Secure tightly with a KySienn Smooth Hair Tie for no snagging or damage to hair.
  2. If using the ponytail “twist” technique, continuously twist your ponytail tightly as you wrap it around your ponytail bun to keep stray ends from breaking free.
  3. Press your hand flat on top of the bun as you wrap the hair to prevent it from getting too high. If your bun sticks out like a doorknob, you are probably wrapping the end of your ponytail too close to the elastic!
  4. Next, start inserting your KySienn Ripple Pins. These pins are coated and won’t damage or tear hair. When anchoring the bun with hairpins, direct each pin down toward the scalp at the edge of the bun, grabbing some bun hair. Then, “scoop” a bit of the scalp hair with the tips as you direct the pin into the base of the bun, parallel to the head.
  5. Use your KySienn Smoothing Brush and a small amount of Miss Freeze Hairspray to get rid of any wispy hairs around the hairline.Get your KySienn Hair Net and wrap the hair net around the bottom of the bun, pull the hair net up towards the forehead, twist and come back down to the bottom of the bun again. Repeat until secure. Your KySienn Hair Net is strong, reusable and can be colour-matched to your hair.

And that, my dance friends, is how you achieve the Perfect Bun!

Top Tips!

If your hair is very thin and fine, use Miss Freeze Hairspray and a bit of teasing to give your ponytail some volume and texture. You can also spray your KySienn Ripple Pins with Miss Freeze Hairspray so they will grip your hair more effectively.

If your hair is short, heavily-layered, or doesn’t reach the bun, then slightly dampen it and twist short sections and hold with the KySienn Ripple Pins.