Mask - Gypsy Old Hag


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Crone-Gypsy Old Hag


Description: Fantastic half mask of a Krone/Gypsy with specular eye alignment. Great fitting mask with hair wefts and scarf to simulate a crone, gypsy, old lady or even an old down and out rock star. The open mouth design makes wearing easy while drinking, talking or acting.

Base Material - Made in the USA: Natural Latex Compound

Other materials - made outside USA Hair - Modacrylic Wig

Features: HIGH QUALITY: Masks and Costumes Are Designed to be Comfortably Worn for Extended Periods of Time

CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Hand Wash Latex Masks with Diluted Mild Soap by Lightly Dabbing. Gently Dab with A Clean Wet Rag to Rinse Clean. Do Not Use Oil Based Make-up, Removers and Creams as it will shorten the life of the Latex. Non-oil Based Make-up should be fine.