Microtech Pants


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Gaynor Minden Micro Tech Pants are sleek, elegant, and on trend. “Ballet dancers wear trash-bag pants to warm-up—to loosen muscles, increase flexibility,”

Rich MicroTech fabric drapes gracefully, and is cut slim for an elegant line. Bonus: absolutely silent when legs brush together. An updated version of the trash bag dance pants. 

100% Polyester Microfiber Available in Black, Midnight Blue, or Mulberry.


Why you should Warm Up before a Dance class -

A good warm-up before class is to take the muscle through its range of movements in a slow and controlled way, rather than to just sit in a stretch, as your body temperature increases, you can speed up the muscle movements, and you will begin to feel warm and elastic!

Ballet #dancers all around the world wear these micro tech pants to warm-up—to warm up and loosen muscles to safely increase flexibility. Which colour would you wear?

Bonus: the micro tech pants are absolutely silent when legs brush together. An improved version of the trash bag #dance pants.

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