Unicorn Fantasy Pocket Hotty


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Unicorn Fantasy Pocket Hotty

These pocket sized hot water bottles are perfect winter warmers.This fantastical Pocket Hottys with knitted cover are perfect for applying heat fast. Slip them in your pocket to keep your hands toasty and warm on colder days, or apply to sore muscles for soothing relief. 

Remove the inside pouch, locate and flex the disc and the gel will heat up and crystalise. Place back inside the knitted cover and it will generate heat for up to 30 minutes.

The Pocket Hotty is reusable by placing the inside pouch in boiling water. 

Why Dancers Need them? with a pocket hotty its a quick and easy way to relieve your muscle pain, menstrual cramps, backache, headache and so on, while out and about / on the go. + The Unicorn Fantasy makes it super stylish in a cute knitted unicorn cover.