Resistance Bands | Thera-Bands + at home training video with Energetiks Dancewear

A resistance band AKA a thera-band, stretch band, flexibility band, exercise band... what is it? why do i need it? 

not only is a resistance band one of the least expensive, yet most beneficial items you should own. Thera-Bands are great because they can be used for multiple purposes, including flexibility and strength resistance exercises.

  • improving pointe and turnout,
  • strengthening ankles,
  • conditioning the legs
  • conditioning back muscles,
  • improving port de bras,
  • increasing flexibility and stability,
  • height of arabesques,
  • developpes and extensions
  • targeting specific problem areas and muscle weaknesses
  • Injury Rehabilitation
  • Adaptable to your fitness level 

+ Resistance band training can help with balance, coordination, strengthening and stretching; (which is SO important for dancers in order to stay healthy and injury-free) from one dancer to another my advice would be to STRETCH every single day !!

 Here at Upstage Dancewear we stock an extensive range of Dancewear Brands and training tools that are specifically designed for use by dancers of all levels to target specific areas of the body that need strengthening, hence why we stock a variety of different strengths to suit your workout. 

The Thera-Band is great for young dancers to use in preparation exercises for pointe work and during injury recovery exercises with your medical expert's advice. To build up your strength for Pointe, Start by putting the middle of the band on the ball of the foot/toes, holding the band either side with your hands, pointe / flex your feet, start by executing 5-10 stretches on each foot, then moving up to 20-25 to increase your level of workout. This will not only increase strength and build muscle, it will also encourage your body to get familiar with this specific movement to reduce the chance of injury occurring in the future

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Photo by Energetiks

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Below you’ll find some basic thera-band exercises that target everything from feet and ankles, turnout, back, arms, and overall strength and flexibility to perfectly compliment your dance training and technique. Remember to always talk with your dance teacher if you're unsure of any exercises or need some advice on which stretches to focus on  – Happy stretching and long live the resistance! - Energetiks 

Training Video by Energetiks

Resistance Bands | Thera-Bands + at home training video with Energetiks

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