Caring for your Ballet Shoes

Treating your ballet shoes with a little love and respect will ensure that you get the best wear out of them! 

We know Ballet Shoes can get a little grubby overtime. Here is a few tips and tricks we have learnt over the years, that will help you keep your dance shoes looking as good as new. 

Wear them only when dancing + invest in some warm up booties.

Playing outdoors, walking on the grass or concrete from the car to studio, or playing in carpet areas can damage and effect the lifetime of your ballet shoes. We recommend changing into your ballet shoes once you are in the studio, or wearing a pair of warm up booties over the top of your ballet shoes to protect them, while walking around. 

warm up booties for ballet shoes and class

How to Clean your Ballet Shoes:

Leather Ballet shoes can be spot cleaned using a soft damp cloth. A Makeup removing wipe will also do the trick, and may be better in getting off those stubborn scuff marks. 

If water isn't enough to clean them, you may add a little bit of mild detergent onto your wash cloth when spot cleaning. We recommend not using detergent too often as it can damage the leather. 

We do not recommend washing leather shoes in a machine.

Canvas Ballet Shoes can be washed in the washing machine on a delicate cycle, using cold water and mild detergent, and inside a wash bag. 

mdm ballet shoes 

Revamp your Shoes with Ultraflex Paint

Ultraflex is specifically designed to touch up scuff marks or paint peels. Repaint your ballet shoes before an exam or performance, for an almost brand new look. The Ultraflex paint is available in a range of shades to match your dance shoe colour. 

ultraflex paint for dance shoes

Storing your shoes in-between classes. 

it is important to take care of their leather ballet shoes by making sure they’re stored properly, for extra longevity. For an extra layer of protection we highly recommend storing each style of dance shoes in there own shoe bag. Rather then scattered around your duffel bag 

Bonus: It will keep you super organised, and your pairs will always be together. You will never have to fish out that 1 shoe lost in the bottom of your duffel bag again!!  

 ballet shoe bag

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